Question about Slim's spore cloud


If I am the last one alive as Slim, can I hide behind a rock and spam the cloud at my feet, or does the monster have to be inside of it to not be able to smell me?


I must know this to does anyone know?


Spore cloud only works if the monster is in it.

Which means tough luck for you xD


The spore cloud is a debuff on the monster. If they are not in the cloud they will be able to smell you just fine.


Proof? /10 chars


Yep, one of the masteries, and other people in the forums will give u the same answer.


Proof? /10 chars, must be sure


Video proof


Sigh, i cannot do that for you, maybe somebody else can.


:’( y u do dis


If you won’t believe me by word, nothing i can do for you.


Macman is a developer; talked on this subject a few days ago.


It’s more like I don’t want to believe you


Well, truth sucks sometimes.


Then don’t belive him and do it yourself. Not to mention sitting there shooting a giant green dust cloud on top of yourself is going to give you away anyways. He can still visually see you.


I just thought it should be a buff for me and not a debuff for the monstah


Just keep the monster in it at all times.


Kinda hard when I’m the last one alive @Xbob42


Stay veeeery far away, it’s got a long range. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’ll be kinda hard to snipe it and then ninja away