Question about Slim 3 Star


With Slim 3 Star Mastery for the Spore Cloud launcher. When it says, “Hit the monster with the spore cloud and revive teammates 10 times”, does the team mate have to be in the spore cloud or does the monster just have to remain in the cloud as you revive them? Side note: Would the healing drone also count towards this? lol


Yes, monster must be blinded at the time of the Revives.

Heal Burst, Heal Drone and Standard Revives all count.

Be happy it’s not 50 anymore…


Thank you friend


No prob. I’d recommend Reload Perk to help with the Spore Clouds but it glitches the Heal Burst so that’ll have to wait.


That’s what I did used before it got glitched. I love synergy of shorter heal burst and faster heal burst cooldown… Well… Not anymore lol


Requesting a Thread Lock, question has been answered. @MidnightRoses.


As you command, sir. :slight_smile: