Question about Skins and upcoming Monster


Hi ! Just interesting if I get one of the monster skin packs like Bog skins, will I be able to customize upcoming behemoth with Bog too, or i will have to get that skin for behemoth separately ?


Good question. @MacMan or @SlabOMeat, can you speak to this?

If I can buy the skins now and unlock them for behemoth later, I’ll buy them tonight!


I believe the current packs, as per their description on Steam, only contain the current monsters (Goliath, Kraken, Wraith)

The Bog Monster Skin Pack includes the Bog skins for Goliath, Kraken, and Wraith. Buy the pack and save!


That’s what I figured, but doesn’t hurt to check.


No idea. Good question.


Also interested to know if skin packs like trapper will apply to 4th tier as well, most likely not but never hurts to ask!


Appreciate you chiming in!


If you get the chance to ask I’d appreciate it, because I am seriously considering getting some trapper and medic skins, but I want to wait if I won’t get the skins for the new hunters.


Excuse me? It better apply. I bought the dlc to show support but that bundle says ASSAULT BUNDLE which means ALL new assault should apply.


I hope it does apply. It would be retarded to force us to pay separately for a 3-pack skinset, and then a skinset for one character.


I have a feeling with each new Tier we’ll see a new skin pack release that will cover both the existing Hunters and the DLC Hunters. I expect the same for the monsters, but I doubt that older packs will also attach to new hunters.


So, no one have no idea about future monster skins ? Still, already have bought skins,couldn`t wait for response, because this game is awesome.


Mr. Ashton said he wasn’t sure.