Question about skin packs


i’m quite tempted by the swamp skin pack because it’s basicly like buying some camouflage.

if i buy the full pack of swamp skins will i get skins for new monsters in that pattern, or will i have to buy them separately?

if it doesn’t give me a behemoth/5th monster skin when they come i’ll probably just get the green wraith for kicks.


This is unknown as of now. Sorry.


I would assume it doesn’t.
What you buy is what you get I imagine, they might add the new ones to the bundle later and raise it’s price, but I don’t think you will get it automatically.

It would kinda limit their skin options anyways. Imagine if they were like “Omg we have an awesome Behemoth skin idea…oh snap…we can’t do it because we gotta make him another Swamp skin, and another Magma skin and another…”