Question about role preferences


How does role preference actually work ?

My current order is: 1 Support 2 Medic 3 Trapper 4 Assault 5 Monster
Just now I joined a skirmish game and we were 3 players in it.
Once we got to class selection screen I was forced to play Monster, which is my last choice in preference order.
Both Support and Medic slots were open (Empty) and those are the two roles at the top of my preference list.

This happened before with another game with only 4 players in it - Medic role was left open (Empty) and I was forced to play Monster. Again, Medic was my 2nd choice and Monster was 5th.

I don’t mean to nag or complain, I just wonder how this can happen.


Just opened the same Topic myself.
I seem to always get Monster too, even though i put it into the 5th Slot.

Maybe it’s so the Monster isn’t AI or soemthing?
At least it should rotate the person who has to play Monster then, because earlier today i had to play Monster 3 or 4 times in a row :x


I believe on Big Alpha Monster could have been AI controlled. Can’t remember for certain tho.
Maybe they changed it for Beta.

I get a lot of games with Monster as well with it being my 5th choice.
I usually just leave the game. My time to play is limited so I want to practice Suppor/Medic as much as possible.


I think the game refuses to start if there is no monster player present. There is an AI that will take over someone who left, but I haven’t seen any game start with an AI monster so far.


So that means being picked as a monster is just roll of a dice and bad luck.
I know that Monster AI isn’t even that bad (seen worse players). I’m kinda sad if they don’t take full benefit from it.


People are actually calling the Goliath AI too good, so yeah. It apparently has insane fast and accurate aim.


Keep in mind if the people in the lobby you joined are grouped, then it’s going to make you monster because none of them can.

I am a big fan of being monster but am often playing with friends so I can’t. Kind of sucks.


Yeah I read that somewhere. I always know what’s coming if I join game with 4 players, all of them having microphones and being at the same level range. Kinda funny tho that they would put a player who has monster as 5th choice fighting against a premade team. It’s not enough that you don’t like the role as much as others but you have to face a proper group as well.


Same here. I was playing solo because my friends left after some nice rounds.
I picked Monster as 5th choice and 10/13 games I was forced to play as monster even in 2/5 and 3/5 player lobbies. I just left the lobbies but this is not the way to manage a proper matchmaking over time (every leave 2-4 minutes of wasted time).


I think there are a lot of people like me who play with friends most of the time but also like monster. And there are a lot of people like you guys who want to play hunter but are playing solo. And solo players are valuable as monsters because they are the only ones who CAN be monster.

Trust me, I wish it weren’t like this. I think a lot of people really wouldn’t mind playing against a monster who also has friends playing Hunters. I know there is troll potential but I don’t think it would be any worse than L4D.

And in L4D you can play against each other in public games.


I’ve been having the same thing happen to me in this Beta. In the Alpha I was never a monster (as it is my fifth choice), but this time I seem to be put as a monster quite alot. It’s annoying to also join a game midgame just to see that its put you in as a monster. I just leave and forced to wait another minute before finding a game I actually want to join. It’s a little annoying, but hopefully it’s something they’ll iron out.


@NiceGuyAndy I actually made quite a few suggestions after Big Alpha, one of them being “forced role” for people like us who tend to solo queue and only wishes to play certain class(es).
You would simply choose 1 (or more) roles and you wouldn’t join games unless that/those roles was/were free. That would make queue times longer but like you said I would rather spend some minutes in queue instead of constantly entering and leaving games.
I hope they do something like that to actual release but you never know…
It would be nice if I found a team to play with, one that allows me to play Support only, but as a casual gamer it might not be so easy.


The other 2 Players likely had Monster as their last choice too, so it had to pick someone out of you 3 to be the monster and you were the (un)lucky one to be chosen.

The game will only ever make the Monster a bot if the person playing it left/dropped out of the match, and will also be the first role to be filled by someone hot-joining the match-in-progress before filling the AI Hunters.