Question about rare emblem, not sure where i got it!

So i recently was looking through my emblems and i found one i had no idea where it came from. I only had one from the set of 4 unlocked, its for the foreground. Its a viking guy, with 2 swords on his back and a rifle. Its pretty badass but it isnt a character unlock. No idea how i got it.

Any ideas? Is it from accolades or something? I want to know how ot unlock the other 3 in the set.

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Sweet, guess im a badass then. :smile:

My friend has all 3 medics mastered though, and he hasn’t got an emblem from that category?

Dude any chance you could link the pictures of the other emblems in that category and what their requirement is?

I assume 3 of each class, and all 12 hunters elite for the last one, would be nice to see them though, or link where you found that picture? I can’t find anything on the internet personally.

Cheers. :smile:

Oh it’s from the digital strategy guide. I’m surprised it’s not on the wiki yet.

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Brilliant, thanks mate!

ha ha, my friend has all 3 medics mastered and was wondering why he didnt have an emblem, guess now we know, :smiley:

It does seem weird that the medics got left out.


The Viking one is surely the most badass indeed. Congratulations, you’re a badass! :slight_smile:

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yes that’s indeed weird :frowning:
i mean it’s one of the hardest jobs, it deserves a real badass emblem

Medics get a background, I just found this.

oh cool! Thanks guys i told my friend. :slight_smile: