Question about Purchased DLC


So last night the store underwent maintenance, likely a good indicator of upcoming goodness, and it said that your purchased DLC wouldn’t be playable. This raises a big concern for me, I thought that our DLC was usable offline. What happens when 2K eventually pulls the plug on Evolve servers? Will all that purchased content just vanish? That is extremely worrisome, and something I would call a full on scam. Its like saying, “Sure, you bought this using your money, but we get to tell you how long you can enjoy it.”


I’m afraid DLC is linked to you my2k account. If you can’t connect to that, your DLC is gone.
I believe the fact that you own the DLC is saved on your device, but you need to be connected to my2k to access it.

But let’s not worry about that, 2k has said Evolve is a permanent franchise :wink:


Hmm, that’s still a bit worrisome. If something happened to 2K then all of our stuff would be gone. The best thing for them to do in that case is unlock all our content if its downloaded to our PC.


2k own Borderlands, they’re not going bankrupt so easily :wink:

I also believe the DLC being linked is largely due to technical issues and security against piracy.


Fair enough. Would just hate to think my beautiful Gorgon and Meteor Goliath could go missing one day.


When that day comes, they might change how things work.


I hope Evolve is around for a good, long time. Its such a fun game and one of the few multiplayer games with excellent bot support.


Meteor Goliath was free, so that should be playable whenever surely?


Evolve is a permanent intellectual property. it wont be going anywhere for a while.


When I saw “2K” in Evolve I immediately wanted the game, 2K’s games are amazing.


And yet people still shit on Evolve for announcing cosmetic DLC before launch :unamused:


Found this while trying to find out what “Cosmetic DLC” is.


Personally I give zero fucks about cosmetics. I’ll buy it for Evolve because I really support TRS.

Evolve is easily the only game I’ve spent more than $80 for.

By my calculations I’ve spent over… $145 on Evolve.



I only pay for the ones that stand out (or are free) for monsters only.


I only buy the characters that I enjoy play and if I have enough money. I had a awesome time playing Torvald and Crow but that’s it. I got Behemoth with the game and I will definitely buy Gorgon if he interests me.


This is exactly what happened on pshome, I seriously spent like, 700$ on there, they shut everything down last year. Everything is gone, no compensation.


I dont have a my2k account linked to my game yet i have and use all dlc characters? I believe i was even able to use them offline, though this was on xbox one… Is a my2k account required for pc?


You should read the terms and conditions. A lot of online games that involve content you pay for actually say that you don’t technically own them.

Magic the Gathering Online recently had something like that happen recently when they banned/deleted a players account and didn’t give compensation for his card collection (which costs $)


You can access DLC offline if you’re on PC, I’m quite sure. But not on console.


To be far, 2K is a business. Just because they have Borderlands 2 lining their pockets doesn’t mean they’ll keep something alive that is draining said lining. Doesn’t seem like anything will be happening to Evolve anytime soon though so we should be good :slight_smile:

No idea how permanent proprties work though. Is it like an official thing that 2K can’t break or just a promise that they don’t plan on making Evolve’s servers temporary?


Wait you guys don’t buy the night hunter skins to make your characters do more damage? It’s like flame decals on the side of your car make it go faster…, right?

Jk, TRS will keep supporting us with amazing content as long as people still play it, which at this point is actually a lot more since that free weekend