Question about problems I've been having


When is evolve going to stop talking about what they’re going to be releasing and make us pay more cash for…when I am still disconnecting and freezing in games? When are the glitches and bugs going to stop? If it stopped evolve would be my favorite game. I’ve loaded into games falling under the map, loading into a game and its a black screen; regardless of how many times I press pause take a break and return. etc the list goes on. They already had a late release date and plenty of time to fix this. So whats the hold up? I am being serious here, not trying to push buttons…


Nobody’s making anyone buy DLC. It’s extra content. Take it or leave it. As for bug fixes – they’re working on it. There’s really not a ‘we’ll be done by’ date, nor could there be as when they something, unexpected things sometimes pop up and give them more to fix.

Unfortunately, the latest release on PS4 for me is making the game freeze on occasion, another unexpected bug for them. It really does feel like the game takes two steps forward then a step back, so yep, it’s moving slowly. But on the positive side, I do think balance specifically has been getting a lot better. I’m seeing a lot of diversity in character picks lately.

If I had to guess when the majority of bugs will be gone, including anything new that might crop up, I’d have to guess the end of the year. I see it taking a while until it really has a stable foundation that most people can agree upon.


im not putting up with it till the end of the year i doubt anyone with common sense would choose to pay for a service that doesnt work


I wonder what’ll remain of the playerbase by then.


What service are you talking about?


did you read my first post? or any players that have taken the time to post videos of glitches and bugs


Your wording confused me, that’s all. You made it sound like you are paying to play Evolve, I was just looking for clarification.


Not to downtalk one of my favorite games regardless of all the extremely annoying glitches, I doubt it will be anything like Left 4 deads playerbase a year from now, let alone 5-6.


I pre-ordered it, thats 5 dollars, bought the game, thats 60. Bought two hunters, thats 15. Bought like at least 5 skins thats 15, and i know thats not all thats coming.


I mean this game is the first of its kind, I expect problems, I’m sure if TRS chooses to take the evolve franchise further it will be easier the next time around, but we have never seen a game like this, it is a unique concept.


I see, personally that’s not what I would consider a service, but thanks for clarifying. Appreciate it.


I gave you my money, I expect to be able to play now, isnt that how it works? , the service i am talking about though is the online one.


Evolve and its DLC would typically be considered a product, and the patches would be considered support included in the purchase price.

Services are usually intangible items.

But I’m taking your post off topic.


If I can play a full game uninterrupted; so no disconnects or freezing, no black screen etc. I will never complain again


You are well within your right to complain. :slight_smile: