Question about preorder


Simple question here. on the evolve website it states you can still pre order and receive behemoth and the savage goliath skin. but it doesnt state at what price.
on steam for $59.99 it states all you get is a free copy of left 4 dead.
for 79.99 you get the season pass, monster expansion pack and left 4 dead.
im a bit confused?
if i preorder through 2k, steam download, do i get behemoth and the savage skin?


The behemoth and savage skin are free for any pre order.


It doesn’t matter what version you get mate, you’ll get the Behemoth and Savage Goliath Skin with whichever pack suits your fancy ;D

Edit: But once Evolve hits release day, these offers are gone.


great, thanks for the fast response guys.