Question about platform transfer


As some of you may know, I recently(ish) got a PC.

I was wondering if I can get all my things from Evolve transferred onto the PC version of Evolve such as skins and level?

I don’t have Evolve but I will certainly buy it on PC if this is doable.


I don’t think so but I am not sure


It sadly isn’t possible. Since skins and elites are all tied into servers, you can’t transfer that data.


Aw that sucks, I only need 2 more elites on Xbox and it took forever to elite that many and I don’t particularly fancy doing it all again.

Oh well, thanks for clearing it up for me :smile:


I’m in the same boat! That’s why I’m glad we’ve been getting second chances at challenge skins. :smiley:


I always thought that 2k would store data since Hunters Quest days. This way it would transfer badges and such.

Since DLC is larger, it makes sense that it’s not as simple as a YES/NO option in player files stored in 2k/servers. Also could be easily hacked.


Yea I thought everything was linked to my2k accounts which is why I asked just to be sure


Yeah I had the same issue and would love to have my stuff from Xbox but I just got on with it as frustrating as it is.


That day, Grizzle learned that PC was, master race.


you got that right :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not my problem that you haven’t entered 4K Gaming yet…

PC vs Console war intensifies.


I can’t that stuff is too expensive


Not if you have a job.

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