Question about PAX


Are you only showing Evolve to the 5 people who win the contest or will Evolve also be playable for the general public?


Well the sweepstakes page on Facebook says “First to play at PAX East before anyone else” so one can only assume that everyone may have a chance to play it, just the first five have dibs. :smile:


i just saw that the sweeptake only gives a chance for people inside the 50 states of us and columbia so no chance for us outsiders :confused: this sucks i was so hyped about the chance of winning ticket it was almost my birthday i figured i had great luck near me XD i would have taken my love with me and couple of friends but that plan is trashed :frowning: EU never gets them goodies :frowning:


just wait to they comming to gamescom :wink:
The ticket sale for gamescom 2014 will start in April 2014.


Ok now just need the money to get there XD