Question about other maps



I understand that it takes some time to redesign a map and I like the changes made to the four that are currently in the game, I also think it’ll help players learn those maps faster BUT I slowly grow tired of them especially since none of them was my favourite in the previous version(I miss Barracks,Armory,Fusion plant,Dam,for some weird reason Aviary and I especially miss Rendering plant).

I hope that all of the old maps will be redesigned and put in the game eventually and my question is WHEN or when~ish at least- are we talking weeks,3 months for one map,half a year?any approximation will do(no, I don’t ask for community predictions, I’d like an answer from someone who actually knows something).


That’s something only @GentlemanSquirl or @Insane_521 can answer, if there’s information to be shared.

Edit: And I see that username… :stuck_out_tongue:


So we got you on this one. We have a map variant coming out soonish, I don’t have an exact date(think weeks, not months), we have all the functionality in, I’ll start tuning it next week while the art guys make it look pretty after that into QA and then into your hands.

Thomas “The Judge”, who is our map guy has been finishing the new tutorials and then after that he is working on refactoring Fusion Factor.


Looking forward to the future of the maps, keep up the good work!


“Map variant”? Do you mean a reworked old map or some variation of an existing map that will be there alongside the “OG” map? I think that would be confusing… It would have to be completely different in layout so a completely different map…


Monster and Hunter adaptations.
Now the freakin ground is adapting.


Thank you for the info,was hoping we’d get more maps within a month so I’m happy.