Question about Multiplayer Gameplay


I’m new to the forums and don’t know much about the game so bear with me.

Is there going to be an option to play with bots on both teams, the hunters and the monster?

If so, is there going to be an option to disable the bots entirely in the event that, say, a friend and I want to go against a monster controlled by a bot without the interference of two bumbling hunter bots? In other words, is there an option to turn bot-controlled hunters off for a 2v1 style match-up? I’ve always preferred a more practical approach to games like this and any way to keep it more personal to the user(s) is preferred in that context.

Thanks for any information.


From what has been revealed so far, yes, both sides are playable by bots. I doubt you’ll be able to go into a match as 2v1 though as this isn’t how the game is meant to play, in other words the team just wouldn’t win.

If you could play as 2v1, and say you and your friend went in as an assault and medic, you wouldn’t have the restrictive abilities of the trapper to use against the monster, or the extra help from the support class. Which both are crucial to have if you want to win. I hope this makes things a little more clearer, welcome to the forums.


Right right, thanks for the input!

I’ve never been a fan of playing with randoms (players) myself, mostly because it’s kind of hard to feel immersed in the game when Johnny Nobody is running light-speed through the place because he knows the map and everything about the game >_<; Though the more sandboxish style that the game presents itself to be seems to alleviate some of that.

I guess that’s the double-edged sword of co-operative games like this, though.

Anyway, thanks for the help :slight_smile:


That’s what I was worrying about, it’d be good if there were three different groups, beginner, intermediate and experienced. So when you first start the game everyone is in the beginner group, then when you get to, say, level 10, you’re put in the intermediate and so on.


Who knows, there might be if its filled with bots. Still time to see things change :slight_smile:


@Plaff Totally agreed - I would assume they would at least have some type of priority matchmaking to keep the games even, engaging, and fun (for new players, AND for high levels!)


I think a sort of “beginner” group should really be needed, or at least a tutorial for each individual hunter or monster so players have an idea of what they’re doing during a match.


Markov likes matchmaking. :markov:


You mean a bit like how war thunder works?


Not really sure what that is, but I’m sure in one of the call of duty games there’s something similar


War thunder is a free to play multiplayer game on ps4 an pc. The idea is as you rank up your planes and equipment you fight higher tier players, but can’t fight lower tier ones


That’s pretty much what I meant, but maybe you could play less experienced players if they wanted to play more experienced ones. However the default should be to play people of a similar level


To keep it all fair


I’ve noticed in recent videos from pax east that when the hunters win, they kind of explode into a cloud of electric. Is this just a temporary thing and will it be subject to change?

And also there was mention of the AI director forcing players into conflict, so players won’t hide away for each other for too long, could you explain this a bit more. @JD_2020


It’s not an AI director like from L4D. But the generator fight at the end of Hunt sort of forces that conflict. I mean, the Hunters theoretically could choose not to go protect the generator, but they’re basically giving the match to the Monster then as he will destroy it for the win.

I don’t know what you mean by the Hunters exploding when they win :P. I don’t recall seeing that haha.


That’s for answering, and I saw a video from pax where the hunters beat a level one monster, at the end they all disappear into electric


Oh no, that was just Markov’s lightning gun effect firing right as the camera man in that video panned away. Looked kinda like the exploded into lightning haha, but that’s not what happened :markov:


Ohhh right I see, I thought it might have been that but I wasn’t entirely sure


a gameplay clip i wanna see is Goliath evolving