Question about Mega Mouth


Have a quick question for anyone who has played the game. Do you know what kind of animation length is involved with the Mega Mouth eating a hunter? Is it instant if you just get too close. I ask, because I was curious on using a possible devious maneuver in that you could use a vortex to ‘blow’ the Mega Mouth on top of a hunter and have the hunter get eaten because of it.

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or just vortex the hunter into the mega mouths mouth. i believe its a set time as to how long it takes to get incapped. if hes not shot then the megamouth wnt drop him.


The Megamouth will grab a hunter and soften him up for a while before he eats him. The Vortex trick would totally work if you used it to knock the hunter into the Megamouth. Currently the Vortex isn’t strong enough to move the Megamouth though.


Cool thanks. Also, you mentioned that the Mega Mouth is too ‘heavy’ to move with the vortex. Are the different levels of Vortex given different physic properties, I.E. it can move heavier objects at each upgrade interval, or are all objects in the game the same ‘weight’ and Vortex simply propels them further with each upgrade (If at all). Sorry if the Vortex power has been covered, but the physics aspect of using it seems deliciously appealing. I also understand if you can’t divulge all the information I’m needling :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not 100% sure but I think it currently just affects the hunters. @MacMan can you confirm one way or the other?


So does the megamouth “soften up” till your health hits zero or does he play with his meal for a set time before eating them regardless of health when you get caught? Example, would a hunter with 50% health die faster than a hunter with 100% since it would take longer to fully deplete their health or will they both last through like a 5 second animation then get eaten?


I thought I saw a Kraken in an E3 video knock back a couple of the small 2 food creatures in the caves using Vortex. So I think it affects some of them, but I would have to re-watch that video and I’m currently at work atm. Interesting to know regardless though :slight_smile:


My guess is it’s a combination of both.

The megamouth “softening you up” can do as much damage as necessary to incap and eat you in a set amount of time. Judging from E3 videos and how the plants work, they just do damage until you are dead.

It makes sense that a near dead wounded hunter wouldn’t take as much “softening up” as a full health fresh hunter.

Also hasn’t it been said that the only reason the Tyrant instantly ate Griffin in the interactive trailer was because Griffin was low on health? That normally the Tyrant will take a short amount of time to fully kill you and give your team a chance to come to your aid.


It would make sense that it’s a mechanic similar to a smoker/hunter from L4D. It slowly drains your life until a threshold and then you are incapacitated, or in this case eaten. Now, if only there was a giant bird that if aggroed would swoop down and grab a hunter and drop them from very high up. Maybe smashing/disabling the hunter’s jet pack so they couldn’t slow their descent. Speaking of… do we know if there is fall damage in the game. And if so, is it for both hunter and hunters?


The latter. Affects the same creatures but with increased force and damage.


Awesome, thanks for the reply. Really stoked to try some interesting physics based combat inclusions in the game eventually. Could even vortex a small group of monsters towards the hunters to block their path while you go elsewhere only to come sneak up on them from behind :smiley:


Idek, but you know that timer that goes off when hes “Softening” his meal? I assume that you would obviously take damage but the amount of damage you take is unknown. But all we DO know is that once that timer ticks 0, he eats you and you’re dead.


Utilizing the wildlife is a favorite strategy for several of the dev staff. Planning an ambush near a Mega Mouth can be a huge Monster advantage.