Question about matchmaking


Does the matchmaking work like this:

People are put in a lobby based on their preferred classes and wait time


People are put in a lobby based on wait time and then when the game starts they are sorted into classes based on preference

Because I just joined a lobby where there were four people with the same clan tag (therefore no chance of me playing a hunter despite monster being my fifth choice) effectively meaning I was put into a lobby where there was no chance of my first through fourth choice of role being assigned to me which seems like a small flaw in the matchmaking algorithm (or whatever it would be)


I really would like an answer to this from as I’ve been chosen as monster 4 times in a row (still lowest preference)
@r00k @macman any idea how it functions?

EDIT: 5 times


Well if you’re staying in the same lobby… and they’re a party of 4, it never makes them the monster. You can not be made the monster in a party except in certain circumstances (I’ve joined games in progress with my party and it has split us until singles joined.)
So I’m guessing it just tries to find a lobby with space and then when games are starting it looks at parties than does preference. If theres a party of 4 and you’re by yourself, you will always be monster. There’s nothing you can do about it except leaving the lobby.


Matchmaking is slightly broken in my opinion Pug. I have hope they will streamline it as time goes on.