Question about match making, and this isn't a complaint


whenever i’m in match making and i have a full group of hunters. once we find a monster all of the other players names go back to “searching for hunter” for a couple seconds, and then i reconnect with all of them and a monster. i’ve always been curious as to why this happens.

on that note i will say that i think that the match making should have actual rooms where everyone waits and someone has to click play or something, because this match making is frustrating


omg hon don’t ask how the game works, just be glad it does.



for the waiting part i just alt tab and do my thing… having the game run fullscreen windowed is great.


the reason i ask is because i keep having this issue where i get dropped from rooms (already posted about it in bugs forum so i won’t go into details) and i wanted to ask about this to see if maybe it had something to do with it.

it’s also just a very curious thing for a match maker to do and i wondered if it happened to everyone

i also alt-tab and do stuff, like now i’m waiting for a match and posting here.


I’m not sure why exactly it happens, but it’s more of a visual bug that happens in multiplayer games like Evolve or Rainbow6: Siege.

I get the same thing in both games where you’re searching and their name doesn’t pop up until the match has loaded. So I’m always asking my friends, “Are you still here?”