Question about Leaderboards for Evolve


To devs or anyone that would like to add to the conversation. How are leader boards determined exactly? Are they determined off of MMR or some kind of point system? I hope it’s not just wins because number of wins doesnt mean you’re the best it just means you play a lot. Also why no progression system in ranking? Similar to Starcraft, CS:GO, and League. I think it would add more reason to play to achieve a higher rank in the game.


Also, are leaderboards divided by region, or are they world-wide?


Also, can I just be pinned to the top?




NO THEY ARE NOT! I contest your claim. :wink:


Will there be a board for longest standing monster win streak?


Well, you can probably have them. I’ll take the Val and Laz ones instead, my team isn’t allowed to have Caira in the tournament.


I’m not inclined to give up Val or Laz either. I suppose I will settle for second. :smile: You’re probably better anyway. :wink: