Question about increased damage perk


if you pick the increased damage perk when you play as hunter (medic) your heals (medic gun, healing grenades) have increased healing? or just your damaging weapons get the buff?


Just the damaging weapons.


thanks, is there any form to increase healing?


Not that I am aware of, though Reload Speed does make the healing burst recharge faster.


yep, i think reload speed works


Capacity is my perk of choice on Caira.


i pick that one when i play as val, her gun is slower to recharge than caira’s launcher so i think capacity is better on her and recharge better on caira


Capacity is good on Caira because her firing time to reload time ratio is low. Conversely it is not as good on val because her firing time to reload time ratio is high and capacity increases the reload time as well.


never thought about that :open_mouth:


Torvald would be a perfect example of why capacity is good on characters with low firing time to reload time ratios. You spend 50% more consequtive time firing for not a large increase to the combined time you spend shooting and reloading.


Petition to change to +10% damage and +10% healing. Capacity would still be better on Caira, it would only be useful for Val’s medgun, would be decentish for Laz in something like defend or nest, and would be great on slim.


I was considering character exclusive perks like 15% healing output for Val since she lacks a good output perk.


that would be great, but i think its harder to see than a 10% healing increase, because exclusive perks mean a lot of work, and i think they won’t do it


Why would the amount of work it would require imply a lower statistical value on the perk in question? If 15% was a balanced value for Val to have, then that would be the amount she would be given.


yeah but why onyl the medics will have extra perks? people is going to whine about that even though its a buff


I never implied that the perk would be a medic exclusive. I implied the perk would be Val exclusive. As far as the other characters go, I suppose they could add one exclusive perk to every character, or I suppose they could have class specific perks.


still harder, it still means you need to add at least 20 new perks (16 hunters and the 4 monsters)


Suppose it would be. In addition to that they might feel inclined to make a character exclusive perk for every new character.


that would be awsome but they have just announced 2 new hunters and 1 monster and im i think are going to be exclusive for the pc version but im not sure (hopefully they won’t)


reload is the go to perk for every medic but slim