Question about hunting season pass


During the time of the winter sales, Evolve ended up in G2A special paypal’s offers at 29 euros and i bought it there.

Now there are all these new options about monster race edition and hunting season pass and i’m a little confused. the game code will not be delivered to me until the launch day, so, since it’s still more convenient for me to buy the pass alone, i have 2 questions:

  1. Can i buy the hunting pass even if i don’t have the gamecode yet?

  2. if i dont buy it now, will it be removed at the launch day since it seems to be a special preorder?

thanks in advance for all the answers ^^.




Im not sure about 1)
2) the pc monster race, and the other preorder bonuses yes, but the hunter season pass no.


Thx. then i suppose i’ll buy the season pass and wait for the gamecode ^^.


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