Question about Hosts/Servers


This may be a silly question, but Evolve doesn’t use dedicated servers correct? I never bothered to find out. Just had another game where it said connection to the host was lost. I was playing monster, so does that mean someone on the Hunter team, the host, quit out and killed the game for everyone else?


There’s an option to be connected to a dedicated server in customs. Other than that, I think it’s peer to peer.


Ah. I see. Thanks for the quick answer.


No problem.


Evolve is always on a dedicated server unless playing solo or in a custom with dedicated servers turned off (which isn’t common practice). In a custom game, the lobby host can also back out the party, dedicated server or not.

Connection to host being lost on a non-lossy connection is a bug in Evolve.


Well that actually makes me a slight bit more bitter about it then. lol. That’s two out of three games so far today I’ve had shut down by bugs/glitches. Sigh. Both of which I was winning too : /


Yeah I’m sure a dev said before there servers are on dedicated servers but sometimes you do have to question it maybe not all their servers are dedicated like maybe they have some p2p idk


I have s few questions too.

  • Does playing solo get hosted on servers?
  • Does VAC work only on servers or do they also work in user host and solo?



Theoratically no, VAC protection doesn’t work in solo but does work in both dedicated servers or user-hosted custom games.

However, based on the recent hacker reports that I’ve seen and 2 guys in particular that had free reign for a long time, I’d say this:

…is a complete and utter lie to begin with.


I would expect as much from steam. :triumph: