Question about Griffin (Harpoons)


I play to Evolve in Ps4 and I started to play as Griffin. I’ve noticed that the harpoon fails sometimes, ever the objetive is in the target. Am I the only one who does this happen? Can it be due to lag?

PS: Maybe it is because the harpoon shot when the monster is attacking, I have no idea


Depends on the situation you find yourself in; some players actively anticipate the next harpoon and ‘jump the gun’, so to speak, by turning and striking when they think they’re going to be harpooned.

Other possibilities are LoS being broken, range issues (Like, you connected at the max range, but they moved the 1 meter required to break it via distance, that happens sometimes for me) or even latency issues between the two of you.

It happens, not terribly uncommon, but usually you can point out the cause, bar lag.


Is there any indication that you report whether the target is in optimum distance?


Not really, you sort of have to get a feel for it through practice and experience more than anything. It’d be nice if the Harpoon Gun had a little readout on it that stated the distance it was extended over, to help make that call if you should bother with that next Harpoon or if the Monster would be just too far by then. :slight_smile: