Question about freezing problem on PS4


So whenever I try to play behemoth, and just to spite me whenever I’m doing good, It freezes and then I’m stuck midway through the fissure animation. Why is this?


its a known bug. not sure why it happens but they are working on fixing it.

mainly a ps4 problem i think too. might be all ports tho;


Whats worse is it doesn’t just freeze for you.
My team won 4 evacuation matches in a row.
each match had a new monster because they’d quit
we were on defend against behemoth half health everyones games freezes before we can win.
so we didn’t get the finish evacuation xp bonus :frowning:
Bob should be banned from evac Until this is fixed.


Okay. It happened twice when I played Kraken, and then it did it like five times in a row for behemoth


Had it a few times the other day, it is such a pain to try and play this game right now and have everything run smoothly