Question About founder and seasson pass after the change


Hello i have a few questions regarding founders state and seasson pass. I’ve seen on the FAQ that the founders got some extras like the “adaptations”

Q: Will new adaptations be free to own or have requirements to unlock?

A: New adaptations can be unlocked through Silver Keys, but may also be added to the weekly character rotation, in case you’d like to give them a try first. If you’re a Founder and you own the adaptation’s base character, you’ll be granted the new adaptation at no cost!

I’m founder because i bought the base game but never bought a DLC so i miss some characters from DLC like gorgon, emet, crow etc… If i unlock them now with silver keys i will have their adaptation for free when they release them (for being founder) or i will have to unlock the adaptation with keys too because i didnt have those characters before the change?

If i redeem now (i mean after the change) a Seasson Pass DLC i will unlock the characters for free from that seasson pass? i will get their adaptations for free when they release them like if they where bought before the change? (I don’t know if you understand what I mean :P)

Thanks for the help


As a Founder you will only get adaptations for the characters you owned before the Stage 2 release. You mentioned you only bought the base game so that means you’ll get all adaptations for tiers 1-3.

With that being said; if you get your hands on one of the two Season Pass DLCs, you will get all adaptations for those characters as they are released (tiers 3 or 4 depending on DLC).


Ok so if i redeem one Seasson pass code that works like if i’ve unlocked them (the ones from that DLC) before the change no? that works for the individual character’s DLC too? or only for the seasson pass?

Thanks for the Help!


sorry for asking so much :P, one friend saw the Monster Race Edition wich include the base game+seasson pass 1+some extra characters (from the seasson pass 2 i assume) and a few more extras. If he buy that pack he will have all the content and founder state rewards for all characters?

Thanks for the help!


If you or your friend find a pc monster race edition and enter it into steam then yes you will grant yourself founder and get all current characters (and future adaptations for those characters)!