Question about Flee Till Three

I know this tactic has been said a lot, but i have been confused about one thing because of it.

What do you mean when you say Flee Till Three.

Do you mean what the name implies or do you mean that someone was able to stealth and not get caught until stage three. I have always been confused about this.

It means never fighting until stage 3 full armor, even in domes, and never trying for strikes before stage 3

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it means to hide and dodge in domes and run for your life til your stage three.

the purpose of the game is to fight. the new patch allows for downs stage 1 and 2. so you should be fighting.

People that dislike those who “Flee til three” aren’t so much just sneaking and not getting caught (though that does count), it’s that they’re actively trying to not engage. If domed they don’t fight they just kite. They never take an opportunity to make a fight in favour of trying to gain distance. It is what it says on the tin, fleeing.

Ok that clears up all the confusion i had about it.

if you plan to close this thread you can do so now.

Since you asked!