Question about evolve relaunch


Since it’s basically a relaunch… Do we get cool new sick videos? The intro won’t make sense with the new ways the game is being changed, no personal and such, so so so do we do we do we??

I want awesome videos ;(


Yes, I’m pretty sure this is a given.

They can’t share their marketing strategies here on the Forums, but they’ve been talking with the publishing house for quite some, plenty to iron out what types of videos/promos they need and to start working on them.


Better be… I wanna see some hilarious Jack/EMET moments in those videos


Although the Evacuation videos won’t be changed since they are more focused on gameplay at the moment. So the possibility exists that the intro might not be changed or might be the only scene that will be changed.


I never even thought about this lol


Cat/Owl Gifs will be plenty. They brought a cat into the studio today as proof…

@deanimate will be pleased


I need to see cat! Pics pls oh mighty TRS denizens :slight_smile:


@Shaners might be able to help with that…


RE LAUNCH… For me, this is way too much more important than anything the devs could or should change to the game. because, gameplay improvements aside. this game do not need to please us that much, we already love it.

what this game desperatly needs is MORE PLAYERS. what this game FIRST need to change, is the mentality of the common potential costumer that was RUINED with its First impresions… its first launch.

this TU9 ist gonna be cool, and is a good step in the right direction, but the thing that is going to push the game in that direction is marketing and business model.

if that is not done well. this game will still be the same desolated hidden gem, improved… but the same.

so, what its gonna do the game about it? are they waiting for the E3?. new videos? marketing? hot chicks?


I want a Billy Mays style video. One of those, “Are you tired of not being able to find that pesky Monster? Well then do I have exciting news for you!”

Blah Blah Blah sales pitch

“And if you act now and purchase the GOTY edition we’ll throw in all the DLC Characters and Variations for the low low price of $XXxx!!!”


Yes new videos


Only if Phil or Matthew is the one doing the voice over.


I didn’t even think of this. It would be funny introducing new players to the game.

New player: “oh cool! Assaults have shields?!”

Me: “oh ignore that. That hasn’t been a thing for months.” :joy:


No worries guys The Owls got the details in mind we gotta get new intros and some epic videos at least a new one introducing hunters too



New videos, sure.

New cinematics, negative.

The budget for cinematics is absolutely insane. all of that is outsourced by publishers for smaller, independent studios like us. Especially when they look that cool!

Change the intro video to fit the game

So who’s going to explain why Assaults have a shield in the cinematic and not in the game? :stuck_out_tongue:


I have no idea!! Let’s pray the launch of the update goes so well that 2K orders for tons of cinematics! :smiley:

Change the intro video to fit the game

Better yet, let’s hope it’s so good that no one pays close enough attention to notice because they’re too overwhelmed with how much fun it is


Think of it like a video game movie, they’re never 100% true to the source material! :wink:

Though, I’d be really sad if they removed the opening cinematic.