Question about Evolve and the Titan X


Does anyone know how the Titan X fairs against Evolve at Max Settings?

I’m in the process of looking for components for an overkill gaming PC, and am curious if anyone has benchmarked Evolve’s Performance using the Titan X (the closest game I’ve seen tested with the Titan X is Crysis 3, which I’m pretty sure is not as demanding as Evolve… but I could be wrong) ?

I’m looking for statistics for a single Titan X and 2-Way SLI Titan Xs at resolutions 1080p and 1440p (again at Max Settings, TXAA).

I am also interested in exactly how much VRAM Evolve eats (as I’ve read that at max, it can eat all 4 GBs of the GTX 980s, which kind of concerns me).

Any information provided would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


[quote=“Berserk_Shadow, post:1, topic:52111”]
Crysis 3,not as demanding as Evolve
[/quote]yes, you are wrong :slight_smile: but thats okay.
Crysis 3 is more demanding by far.

[quote=“Berserk_Shadow, post:1, topic:52111”]
Titan X and 2-Way SLI Titan Xs at resolutions 1080p and 1440p
[/quote]1 Titan X is more than enough to max out evolve at either of those two resolutions, and still run at a steady 90+ FPS. probably even 120+. and having two of them. is rediculous unless you’re going to invest in a 4K monitor. to run it at 4K with everything turned on and maxed out ontop.

[quote=“Berserk_Shadow, post:1, topic:52111”]
how much VRAM Evolve eats
[/quote]My old 680 sits at high, all turned on. TXAA. and so on and so fourth. steady 70’sih FPS @ 1080P.
and my 680, like them all. only has 4GB. the Titan X has 12. TWELVE!!! GB of Vram. you cant use it no matter what you do to evolve.


Thank You for the information.

Do you actually own a Titan X to back these claims (or a link that supports these claims)? Or are you just basing this off what you’ve read/watched about the Titan X?

Thanks Again.


Why does this concern you? It’s actually a really good thing to use all of the available VRAM. Evolve needs 4GB VRAM above medium, but it doesn’t seem to significantly scale beyond that. If the Titan X has at least 4GB of VRAM, it’ll be fine in that regard.

ETA: okay I looked up the specs of the Titan X. 12 effing GB VRAM? Dude, the Titan X is beyond overkill xD It should be able to do a mere 1440p at full settings. A single one should plenty even for 4K, multimonitor, ridiculous fps, etc., whatever you’re planning on.


I don’t own a titan X yet no. i will in due time tho :).

It’s a little hobby of mine to keep track of whats new, and whats good when it comes to GPU’s and gaming.
the GTX980 easily runs evolve at maxed settings. @1080P. even at 1440P.

the Titan X is… alot stronger than the 980 (quite obvious that is. i know :smiley: ). and you cant burn 12GB of Vram on this game - perhaps if you go 4K with a single card, you can push it to 8 or 10. but you wont burn the entire 12gigs.

Linus testing the titan X in SLI at 5K resolution. with 50-60FPS. wich is insane at TAHT high resolutions.


I would like my GPU(s) to have some “breathing room” so to speak.

Haha, I’ve actually watched that video, and the video by Jayztwocents, as I do my fair share of research as well. It is only because I have found no conclusive evidence regarding this matter, that I brought my questions here. But after taking another look at my sources (and discovering that TXAA is not actually better than FXAA, that it only makes the lines blurrier instead of making them more natural looking), perhaps my concerns were unfounded.

However, I have been having trouble finding statistics that bench Crysis 3 VERY HIGH Settings (at at least FXAA) on the Titan X, but have been unsuccessful (closest I got was this article where they only test it on HIGH, not VERY HIGH, here:

Here are my findings:

According to this source:

At 1080p VERY HIGH Settings FXAA, runs on a single GTX 980 at ~64 FPS and in SLI ~ 109 FPS.
At 1440p, VERY HIGH Settings FXAA, runs on a single GTX 980 at ~48 FPS and in SLI ~86 FPS.

And According to this source:

At 1080p, VERY HIGH Settings. FXAA runs on a single GTX 980 at ~90 FPS
At 2560x1600 (just a smidge bigger than 1440p), VERY HIGH Settings. FXAA runs on a single GTX 980 at ~55 FPS.

The numbers do indicate that any GPU that can handle Crysis 3 very high, FXAA should be able to the same (if not better) handling Evolve at the same bar.

I would have preferred to see the actual numbers instead of merely speculating based the performance of previous models, and performance against < Max Settings, so that I can be better informed before I make my decision. I’d hate to put the money down for a (couple of) Titan X(s) only to find out that at 1440p (or even 4K since that is what the Titan X is now known for) Evolve has trouble achieving > 90 FPS at very high and fxaa.

Maybe one day someone will be crazy enough to get the numbers.

Anyway, I really want to thank you both, I really appreciate your help. :smile:


Didn’t the Titan X just come out?

ETA: Titan X is Maxwell architecture, so performance should be extrapolatable from the GTX 9xx series, esp. the 980. More VRAM should not hurt performance (well, that’s not strictly true, but in this case it’s a safe assumption), I think you’re fine :slight_smile:


Yeah you’re right. I kind of lose track of time a lot. And I’m not too worried about performance, I’m confident in its ability to perform. The skeptic in me just likes to see numbers to associate with how well it can perform.


For anyone who cares, The numbers are in!!!

I presume since this measurement reads the GTX 980’s at 1080p averaging at 99.7 FPS compared to the 90 FPS attained on the previous benchmark, a lesser AA method may have been utilized for this particular test, but the numbers are still promising.