Question about cloaks


So I was watching a hank gameplay video on YouTube that was released back in April, and I noticed something about the cloak ability. When hank cloaked, the visual outline of his model was shiny/glossy and had detail. Now, I notice that the cloak no longer makes hunters seem glossy and reflective, and the screen becomes a much darker blue. I looked in the patch notes about this change and couldn’t find anything on a visual change to cloaks. Does anyone know when and why this happened? Just something I noticed :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you post the video? :smiley:


He cloaks at around 30 seconds in.


Looks the same to me but I guess I would need to see side by side videos.


He cloaks at the very beginning, compare them. I think this change might have happened in 8.0 and I don’t know why


Try to get footage from the same person’s channel. I think one is XBone and the other is PC and there could be a number of graphical changes/settings that would make the difference.


Here is footage from you and you cloak at 5:50 :slight_smile:

Both the first video I sent and your gameplay are from PC


Hmmm never really noticed. My guess would be less clutter when you are invis so you can see where you are going?


Old cloak looked better :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I see what you mean.


Are you sure it isn’t a result of being on fire? You are much more visible when taking damage, and the glossiness to me looks to be the result of fire damage.


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