Question about certain wildlife buff


the one for less gas used while using jetpack, does it affect when you jetpack boost because it doesn’t really seem like it. The buff never really seemed to make a difference before nerfing all buffs, its pretty much useless now IMO


If your’e talking about the reaver buff then No i don’t believe it affects jet pack boost, or if it does i never noticed. I find that perk garbage and only keep it if theirs no other elite wildlife x3


As far as I am aware it does not affect jetpack boosting.
As @Blue_Spork said it is only really good to have if you don’t have any other wildlife buff. That’s my opinion anyway. :smile:


yeah it seems pretty useless


By far, the most useful buff is the health regen. greatest thing for a monster and kinda useless to a hunter due to the medic and support rols.


They nerfed that shit to 2 minutes thank god


as long as i get my health back up im happy. cause im a straight savage with behemoth. almost elite with him


It is helpful if your jetpack management isn’t too good, but once you get used to using your jetpack effectively it becomes less useful.


Just further brings up the point tht anything to do with reavers are shit xD


Unless you play in pubs where Val does 360 no scope headshots all day


ive been elite for weeks probably my fav tied with jade


I cant get over the blue on sandstone…I really like blue :blush:


MLG damage achieved


sandstone would be cool if he glowed blue when his armor filled up… its my least fav only thing blue about him is his eyes. they should make an onyx behemoth or a ruby one and give it menacing red eyes


I think they should make a granite skin or a grassy one that really blends in conditions like in forest part on Wraith Trap


jade is good for that man


In some aspects, yes. But I mean something that isn’t that shiny an reflective. I’m talking about like a moss covered, leaf pattern to where if he stands still while hunters pass, they wouldn’t even consider it being a monster. #JustThoughts


The reaver buff is better for monster. 30% bonus to armor regen…i think that’s quite good.


i agree, a good find at the start of a game or after evolving


ESPECIALLY after evolving so you get armor back quickly