Question about Cabot's gun


I know it shoots through walls but is there a limit?

Ive been matched against Cabots and it was pretty much annoying how he can shoot me after I exited a cave and ran behind a thick mountain. I lost those matches mainly because I wasn’t able to armor up and the chip dmg post chase was surreal.

Anyways… by “Cabot’s gun shoots through walls” does it mean it “bypasses every terrain in the game”? Lets say a Cabot is aiming at a Goliath and both of them are at the opposite side of the map, will Cabot be able to dmg the Goliath regardless of what terrain is in between them (cave. large rock, etc)?


The shot can travel infinitely, but once it makes contact with a wall and passes the other side, it can only travel 40 meters in a shotgun blast.


Komodo is correct. The initial shot can travel infinitely, but it can only pass through a single wall. When it exits, it becomes a shotgun blast that travels only forty meters.


I thought it was 40m after making contact with a wall, not after it exits. Meaning you can’t shoot through 40m of rock.


Yeah that’s what I thought as well. Confirmation would be good.


Can you guys explain this “shotgun blast” does it have a wider hit box than the usual sniper dot? It still is annoying how it can disrupt you from eating/gaining armor and how it forces you to stop and feed (allowing the team to catch) or take a constant barrage of chip dmg.

Well whatever… the wonders of playing Kraken…

Goliath: Runs away, turns around, oh I lost them

Kraken: Runs away, turns around, the assault and trapper legit under my tail WTF!?

Funny how Wraith is better at airborne escapes than Cthulhu


The moment the rail gun HITS a surface it basically spawns a 40 meter long, 1 meter wide cylinder “explosion” on contact.

When Cabot hits the monster he’s actually hitting it twice. Once with the bullet. Once with the cylinder. This is why Cabot had had funny head shot damage. The “bullet” got doubled. The explosion did not.


No idea how wide the cone is, nor how many pellets exit the wall, but it literally becomes a shotgun blast after exiting a wall.


The shotgun blast is just a visual effect. It’s a cylindrical explosion. Unless this has been changed as of stage 2.


so this mean if you shoot to the floor, you can kill wild life on the other side of the planet?


Width is roughly half again the height of a trapper it seems like. So pretty good at general area shots for pot shot damage. Btw does the shot through walls do head shot damage. I remember way back in legacy the shot didn’t turn into an aoe but it did head shot damage through walls. Also shot dmg through wall is reduced by more than it used to be I think.


And the sound was eargasmic. :slight_smile: No sound is as satisfying as Cabot headshots…


Unless Jack, of course :wink: