Question about Bucket


A lot of threads talk about making Bucket viable. Oftentimes, Bucket is compared to the other supports. Something that’s always confused me is that people will say Bucket isn’t viable but Cabot is. Both of them are supports that focus on dealing damage, as opposed to Hank/Sunny. Both of them have a tracking ability that is only somewhat useful. However, Bucket’s damage is generally much higher than Cabot’s. So, my question is, what makes Bucket so much worse than Cabot in everyone’s eyes?
(I love Bucket, personally)


I personally think bucket is the best support


Bucket isn’t desired because everything about his kit is slow and slow to set up. His benefits are too inconsistent and too slow to make a quick impact while Cabot can deal damage and help his team much quicker. Against skilled Monster players they counter play by just dodging his turrets because of how much time they take to set up and their pathetic range (even with the negligible range buff).

Even his primary weapon is god awful slow in everything, slow reload, slow projectile speed, slow fire rate and the damage is somewhat average even with two buffs to its damage.

It doesn’t matter if you like him or not, he’s always been ridiculed as the worst support since the beta.


Bucket is supposed to be defensive DPS. Set up a safe zone of turrets and guard the Medic/Trapper, Monster can attack them but takes catastrophic damage. However with the painful set up time and laughable range, eh.

Cabot is offensive DPS. Constant pressure. Dust and wallhacks let him keep huge pressure on the Monster, and the Damage Amp- oh boy. It takes effect instantly and does a massive burst of damage very quickly when used well.

Buckets just needs a few tweaks, and to be honest, Cabot’s devastating damage and pressure makes him better than Hank. Shields only last so long.


Bucket isn’t far from being a good pick, he just needs a solid increase in numbers in his kit and he’s good.


Fighting a team MC was tutoring for the tournament yesterday, using Bucket, they set up a very solid defence. Had to eat quite some damage for their Laz.

So yes, he’s close.


My only problem with Bucket is the altitude-control on the UAV, which can be very frustratingly unresponsive, especially when trying to follow the Monster as it climbs to higher levels.

Otherwise he’s fine as he is.


And when it gets interrupted by a twig in your way… :angry:


I think Bucket and Cabot both aren’t viable competitively at the moment - Bucket being a little ways off and Cabot being a good deal worse.

Cabot’s Damage Amp is hugely overestimated - it is very unreliable and infrequently useful in fights, but since its flashy when it works Cabot looks amazing to some people.

Bucket mostly just needs more range on his Sentry Guns, so they are more consistent in covering areas where they have LoS - particularly range against fliers like Kraken.


As others have said, Bucket needs a range increase on his turrets.


Nah. Buckets problem is entirely his kit. If the turrets were quicker to setup in a dome then they would function better. But since you waste so much time setting up instead of doing proper damage you end up in situations where the turrets are up and then they are either outright avoided or destroyed immediatly when the monster approaches them.

Bucket can currently do some insane dps in a defensive fight. Unfortunately that aint very good at all since you sacrifice Stage 1 and 2 Pressure in order to have a late-game power base (Which can be destroyed extremely easily)

Bucket is too slow for the current meta but if we ever end up with a slow setup monster then Bucket might have a good bit of power beyond camping out a Wraith at Stage 3.


If they had more range so they could cover more area consistently when deployed, this would be less of a problem.

He may be the best at Stage 1 and 2 pressure with his UAV, since every Hunter has more trouble against a moving Monster.

They can still be used to deny areas then.


I really like him Stage 3. Turrets will DEVOUR a Monster.


Indeed, he is amazing at last ditch defense.


Bucket really shines on stage 3 fights. He’s okay at stage 1 & 2, but not nearly as good as his stage 3 game. And the thing is, that’s okay. You don’t need to kill a monster at 1 or 2. You just need(see side note) to deal some health damage before it gets to 3.

Side note: need is an exaggeration. It is possible to kill a full health monster at stage 3.


The range with the turrets aren’t actually bad, the problem is really not actually knowing how far their range is. Also, his turrets setup time, while slow, isn’t a huge detriment. Also, u need to spam the turrets in the right places if the monster keeps dodging