Question About Behemoth and Sandstone/Jade Skin on Steam


I want to purchase the Behemoth and a skin - hadn’t settled on Sandstone or Jade yet - but when looking at the steam DLCs, it only shows behemoth. I see the other skin packs and such, but nothing for behemoth specifically.

Will they be viewable on steam once I purchase behemoth or is there another way I have to go about this?

I did think to purchase through the game itself, but when I tried to buy behemoth it didn’t do anything. I clicked to purchase, it did a rotating icon for ‘loading’ for about a second or two then it just went back to the store. It didn’t proceed anywhere D:

Thank you for the assist.


@MaddCow - If no one responds, I know you’e a PC user at least lol

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I’m not too sure tbh. I do know that only the bundle skins can be purchased through the steam app itself. As for the in-game store I haven’t used it just yet. I will be buying the clownfish outfit for Wraith before tomorrow’s marathon. I’ll let you know how it goes.



on ps4 it shows the sandstone skin, but i can’t buy it :cry: and i like its blue eyes it reminds me of dead space



It should be purchasable. Does it give you an error when you try to buy it?



no it just doent even show the option to buy it,

it just shows overview and recommendation and thats it… no option to buy

and to be more specific, it doesn’t even show the price!!



i made a topic under bugs to describe my situation >.> its been like that for a while on my playstation store



Okay so it turns out the clown wraith and goliath tiger skin is also missing from the Steam store. What the heck man? Everything I want to buy is missing except behemoth monster D: Which I’m not getting without one of his skins lol So I was looking to get the clown wraith in the mean time :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I posted in the Evolve Steam discussion section to see what’s up since this is a umm well Steam issue. I didn’t want to clutter the bug section here unless they are no help lol

EDIT 2: Someone posted and it sounds bad D: Waiting on forum the local Steam moderator to post:



I would suggest buying skins through the in-game store. The PSN store is super limited when it comes to Evolve.

To the OP: I’m not on PC, but I think these answers apply to you too. I doubt buying the Behemoth will cause the skins to magically pop up for purchase. I would suggest going through the in-game store, but since you said it’s not functioning properly, maybe try again later? Have you purchased anything else from the in-game store?



Yeah this went from questions to a full blow issue. I was able to get the in-game store to work by reactivating the Steam In-Game overlay. I had it disabled for different reasons, but reactiving it allowed me to buy behemoth. I also can get the skins, but I found out why they aren’t in the normal DLC section of the Steam store.

Steam Store items can be bought using credit cards and such, which is what I did with the behemoth - these can be gifted to other people. But some of the newer DLCs require you to purchase them in-game using the steam wallet so I have to add some funds then I can get the skins. These particular ones can’t be gifted from what I hear, but I hadn’t done it yet so I don’t know.

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i would go with jade, sandstone is too plain, it would have been cool if when he glows he turned blue instead of the typical orange



Yeah I have Jade at the moment and very happy with it. Its very defined when full armor, but not overly noticeable :smile:



im on ps4 soo i cant do what you just described :frowning:



Poop D: Well the in-game store should work for you still though. Maybe…I don’t know if the PS4 version of the game as an in-game store option on the main menu. >.<



its not, it has the sandstone icon but WITH NO PRICE lol it doesnt even give the option to buy it >.< its annoying also the icon for behemoth jade and tiger skin are not showing on ps4 store



What marathon?



I’m doing a 24 hour Evolve streaming Marathon to celebrate the 3 month launch anniversary of Evolve.

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How is it going then



It starts tonight at 10:01 PM MST or 12:01 AM EST.