Question About Advertising TU9


I think I brought this topic up a while back, but are there plans in place to advertise the hell out of this game once TU9 drops? Aside from checking in to test the new macro patch, I’ve been taking a bit of a break until TU9. I want this game to make a come back so bad, so I’m just curious what your plans are TRS as far as getting the word out to media outlets like IGN and such. Maybe some crazy big Evolve event?


I’m sure that they are having MONSTRUOUS plans to advertise this game before or when Title Update 9 is released.

However, I don’t think the devs will be able to inform us of anything due to their confidentiality agreement with 2K.


There are plans, that much we know. But no other information that can be shared. Tara (LadieAuPair) mentioned this. I can try to dig up the quote if you like.


I think I may have read that. I guess if I just knew that it would be advertised in places other than just the forums here that would be great. Because I don’t think it’s going to reach nearly as many people if it’s only brought up on the forums here. I think this game has the potential to be around for a long time if we can get the word out to bring enough people back for another go after TU9 drops.


As, themountainthatroars, said tara did say they are planning to advertise this out there


It’s safe to say that it won’t just be on the forum; usually during a TU, which usually includes a DLC in fairness, they advertise around various places anyway. They’ve said they have plans but marketing goes beyond TRS and to 2k’s marketing team too. I think Tara said they were submitting information and proposals to 2k so nothing is (or was then) set in stone.

This is one of those usual things, we’ll know more when they know for sure and can say anything, but it’s clear that TRS want to do as much as possible to get the word out :wink:


That’s all I needed. I don’t spend as much time on this forum, so I miss that stuff sometimes. Thanks all.


I know how the advertising will go!

it’s just a black screen with monsters roaring and Soontm


Got meetings on this very topic this week! So, still no information right now that I can share on the marketing front but I promise we want to make a splash!

Question about evolve relaunch

New water monster confirmed? jk


I hope they do something like Mortal Kombat XL. In a way make it look a new game, but really it’s just an update.


Good Luck!

If you guys need a Hype Man pretty sure I can make myself available :wink:

But seriously though, thanks for the update!


: D Hooray!


Just make a huge bill board on the 405 freeway… Us Californians know what I am talking about

Everyone will see it!


Oh my god! That would be the coolest!

Driving down the freeway and those huge signs having life sized Goliaths and the Gang battling against hunters.



The 405? Nah, nah, nah. We need one on the 99!


Trust me the work they have put in they will not allow for it to go unnoticed. If no one advertises it then all the work is for nothing so I would imagine some big plans.


I advertise evolve everyday.

Anytime someone asks what my hobbies are, I tell them I play Evolve amd then proceed to describe the game and how they should buy it. Lol


Do commercials. Put them with popular TV shows and in movie theaters.