Question about Abe's tracking darts


Hey fellas,

I have a question about tracking darts. When you shoot the wildlife, how long are they tracked (so if monster eats them it reveals it)? Or how many animals can you track? Can I just shoot everything ever everywhere or is there some kind of limit to number of active trackers?



No limit on how many you put out and in animals they last till the monster eats them. At least to the best of my knowledge.


im pretty sure you can have 5 of them in animals


You can have an unlimited amount of active tracking darts. They are not considered deployables that have a limit of 5 in the world.


Lol, UNLIMITED…nice. So, if you happen to be playing the monster, once AGAIN, you’re SCREWED LOL. More and more my prepurchase of this looks like it will DEFINITELY be moved to something WAY more balanced


Good luck, have fun.

I mean, let’s not take into consideration how long it would take an Abe to actually tag every single piece of wild life on a map, and that doing so would cause him to have to go off by himself, or split the team up into pairs. And that until he has a large amount of wild life tagged, he has no real ability to track the monster at all.

Or…you know…we could actually consider factors that create balance.


I actually always spam all the wildlife and it is fairly rare to see monster eat one of the tagged animals - so I don’t feel it is unbalanced. It got to a point where I wasn’t sure if it’s unlimited - hence my question.

So thanks for answers, now I’ll be spamming with warm feeling that it actually works like that :smile:


I love to play Abe because you can run and shoot darts endlessly)


Yeah, it would take Abe too much time to dart all the wildlife in a map. Waaaay too long. Meanwhile, the monster is on the other side of the map eating and staging up. Monsters don’t eat darts that often. Don’t knock it till you try it. :wink:


This is really the whole reason I don’t play him. You’re usually following the monster and your tracking ability relies on the monster back tracking. Sure it happens, but I’d rather rely on my sound spikes that cover a huge area and are less random or even Daisey’s half arsed tracking.


You shouldn’t have to rely on a monster eating your tagged animals the only ones i bother tagging are the ones with perks. I tag other ones on the run but don’t go out of my way. Abe can and is a nightmare to fight against if he is good and finds you early.


The trick is to dart the wildlife on the edges of the maps. That is the highest yield since most monsters skirt the edges and don’t hang out in the middle that often, and spend even less time eating there. However don’t go out of your way to dart wildlife in some corner of the map, but if find your self at the edges, definitely think about darting as much as you can. Regardless, first priority is chasing the monster.


When you have an ABe in the party avoid shooting small critters, let Abe have his darts in place. Kill Larger animals early ESPECIALLY if you face a Wraith. Those big buffs are super important to them, so killing them early and making sure it doesn’t back track to eat the corpse is a good tactic.

But again, don’t shoot small critters. They are easy to snap up and eat as the monster making them perfect dart targets.


You can dart corpses. And I’m not sure how long corpses last but the darts last as long as the animals. And if the monster avoids it cause its dead thats just less armour it has when it finally does eat something i tagged.


Frankly dealing with wildlife unnecessarily slows down the Hunter team. Best to ignore and avoid unless they have a perk you want.

Abe should tag add much as he can without slowing down.


You’re both right and wrong. It’s all about what tactic you’re going with. Monsters will have a harder time getting armor or leveling up if your team clears out larger creatures. The easiest was by far is Cabot and Markov/Hyde tag-teaming, large sloths and tyrants go down incredibly fast it takes next to no time as your medic/tracker keep searching.


Too true also hilarious when you use the damage amp on the monster when is fighting a dune beetle, or other large predator.


I saw that once. I felt kind of dirty. I mean, not only did he take a ton of health damage from the Elite Crowbill he just killed, he’s taking even more damage fighting the pack of Trapjaws for it. Poor guy. And I’m just sitting here, damage amping him, waiting for my ridiculously bad team to catch up.


The monsters do it too. Choosing a fight by a tyrant or a nomad. Hell I’ve ambushed people while they’re fighting a nomad took out the medic with a leap smash and after that the nomad took out their trapper and it was me against assault and the support. They did manage to kill the nomad but man did it mess them up.


It’s one of the things I always try to do especially when I’m a level 1 monster.