Question about 2 game mechanics


I have the following 2 questions:

What reduces the dome timer (aka mobile arena)? I notice once up it’s 5 minutes, but then as the monster and hunters fight, it randomly jumps time and becomes shorter. From what I could tell from my limited time is like if the hunter who raised the dome takes damage, the dome timer gets cut.

What is traversal regen? How is it different than the normal regen?


Dome starts at 5 mins.If one hunter gets downed the timer drops.

Or if the monster gets heavy damage the Dome timer drops again.

Basically it makes so you can fight but not completely kill each other in 1 dome.

Traversal is the mobility of the Monster.It is binded in the “Space” button of your keyboard(Goliath leaping Kraken flying Wraith warping etc.)
If you get traversal regen then you get more traversals to use faster.


Getting strikes will reduce the dome timer, and the Monster taking a certain percentage of red Health damage will reduce it as well.

Traversal recharge is for your leaps and such.