QUESTION! 10char(really!? lol)


Do the new hunters have a cut scene for winning/losing evacuation

I rarely play cause I hate that mode in general but figured it was worth asking.




Well that’s quite lame, I was expecting SOMETHING either an epic entrance into the battle when the hunters are losing/winning etc.


That wouldve been cool but i dont think its really needed, either way they all just DIE


The tier 4 description says otherwise.


They don’t die the devs said you never see them die in the cannon ending


Nah they die when i play, cuz i play to WIN


Wat? Never seen or heard it


Lol fair enough


where is the proof


When tier 4 was originally released, it said Cabot’s crew has done their job, but now they need help surviving.


I think the plot-hole that allows them to carry on their existence is that you never see Laz die :wink: