Quest-Characters as a Hunter / Monster DLC


i really love Quest-Characters in Games like in Mortal Kombat
i think it would be cool if we get maybe 1 or 2 Quest-Characters in Evolve

Im really thinking of the PREDATOR as a Hunter his Utilitys would be perfect for Hunting xD

i know it will never happend but it would be funny xD and i think a lot Predator fans would love to play as him

a big problem would be the copyrights


Would be happy with this if we got an Alien Queen monster. :slight_smile:


Although I love predator, I don’t like the idea of adding these kinds of characters to certain games. Evolve being one of them.

I’m not against it entirely by any means when it’s added to other games. I just don’t like the idea for evolve.


They would kinda need to hint at it

Like Jack is Bruce but Jackal is Batman and they both have the deep voice and gadgets


I’d like to see T-Rex as a monster. Maybe Velociraptor as a hunter.


Gojira for Monster.


Given how they’ve slandered their name by handing complete rights to the character to games like CoD and Mortal Kombat I’d say the only choice for Predator would be, exactly how much would 2K want to pursue that to obtain his rights.


Can’t tell you how much I’d love an Alien Queen for a Monster, a Xenomorph in general.


i really would love a Xenomorph Monster too but the problem what would be the Abilitys we already got a Acid Monster and the eggs would be kinda like Spidertrap



I doubt this would ever happen but really now… Who wouldn’t L O V E to hunt and be hunted by the Predator ??? ^^