Queries on two points regarding Wraith's Supernova

  1. Descriptions of the Supernova ability for the Wraith (e.g. the Gameplay Tutorial videos, or wikis) mention increased damage and attack-speed - that is simple enough. But they also usually describe an area of space connected with the ability - this is sometimes called an “arena”, “field” or “bubble.”

Can anyone explain to me what is the significance of this? I’ve played against and with Wraith many times and have yet to make any sense of what it means. a) I’ve never seen any such “arena” for the Wraith, and b) I have no idea what gameplay relevance it might have.

  1. The Supernova’s 3-Star Mastery is met by inflicting damage using other abilities while Supernova is active. That is simple enough to understand; Supernova mode isn’t cancelled when you use another ability, so you can Warp Blast, Abduct or Decoy still.

But why is this the 3-Star Mastery? Normally the Mastery for each of the Hunter’s tools and the Monster’s abilities are designed to encourage the player to learn how to use their powers more effectively - it gives the player a chance to see the advantages of playing in a certain way. Is there some special purpose to using other abilities while in Supernova mode? Does it, for example, increase the damage output of those abiliities - does having Supernova active increase the damage of Warp Blast, say?


The Supernova is pretty much a giant bubble, and Wraith only gains its benefits when she’s inside of it.


It’s just because many people realise they can use other abilities with it.
It was more relevant before, when super nova lasted for a longer time and you could abduct someone back into it if they escaped.


if you look there is a milky “cloud” thats the best way to describe it. In that cloud you gain the benifits of supernova.

to expand on what @MrTalha said: Wraith used to have a very strong combo of supernova decoy. Your decoy will gain the beinits of your supernova cloud.