Queen monster


4 abilitys
Home Factor Overruned & Frozen Nesting Ground’s.
Name Project Medusa
Elite Skin Make’s Her Gold Oddly.
Family Geneticly Enhanced Insect Lifeform.
Size S1 it’s 40 ft then S2 60ft then big S3 is 80ft.
Able to fly and has enahanced range of smell by 200 % and has a stamina meter like behemoth.
She is the biggest & baddest monster to face having 3X as much health as goliath and
Armor meter like behemoth but plus 4 bars,could you kill her and she has 3 claws and 3 toe feet followed up by a sacular rear and head antanna’s and a medium armored back with bug wings and is thin but well structured,it has killed over 60 hunters.eyes like a spider and a hinged jaw with many teeth kinda like a snake & behemoth jawline mix and she is ruthless and looks part insect dragon mix and she has 2 small pinchers on each jaw tissue on the left & on the right there little bone like
Pinchers and she is tough to master,she has 2 long frontal arms she walks on & 2 shorter back legs that help her walk and support her egg sack she has a very unique arsenal of ability’s but if hunters use Super Soldier,Dropship Hank Barriage Or Lazarus Rifle they can get a large advantage for a time but fire won’t stick to her skin oddly and poison barrely hurts her,she’s made to be a super boss fight and she can sneak and her pounce does X2 damage and she is a deadly force wanting to conquer and kill only and like behemoth she has 2 small tusk’s on her jaws side’s,her armor looks like the eggs armor in nest oddly.

Spawn Minion the queen would randomly spawn a S1 Behemoth,Kaken,Velvet Worm,Wraith or Goliath and this has a long cooldown time but she lays an egg and hatche’s it from her sacular rear.

Infest is where it lays Mutated insect like spiders in a Corpse’s body and when hunters get close the 4 bugs pop out and attack the hunters up to 5 can be placed kinda like the host’s attack & whatever damage they do to hunters or wildlife heals the monster a little.

Acid Net it like behemoth rears up but spits a acidic web in a net shape entangling prey or a hunter the key is another hunter must free you or you’ll die permanently,its useful.

Skull Cracker the monster pound the surface of shear sending 4 random rows of earth spikes in
Two directions meaning 2 rows left & 2 rows right this if hits deals alotta damage and can climb surface’s and has a very long range.

Tell me what you guys would like to see!


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