Quantum Caira's Neutron Barrier Is Useless



Seriously?! Only 9/12 damage blocked? How much damage resistance does she give? I saw my Support get hit by a web snare from Gorgon while having the damage resistance from me and I also used it a few more times during the match and I only get 12 damage blocked on the end game stats?


Could be a display bug. Happens sometimes.


Aye, it’s a bug with the stats screen, not with the ability itself.


just had another game with 9 damage blocked, this has been the 3rd Qaira game in a row displaying wrong stats or the ability is actually useless


Well if someone is standing in your field and getting hit, it’s most likely just a bugged display. It has happened in the past where the ability works but the Post Game screen is wrong.


It’s a DR field, it’ll be blocking far much more than that. It may be the case that it’s counting instances of where it has blocked damage, but it’d be good if it displayed actual damage blocked.


The same stuff has been happening to every game I’ve played with her. I’ve seriously been thinking that I have been screwing up in using it hard.