Quantum Caira Voice Lines


You need to cut some of the drop-ship lines from the game when playing quantum caira. Mostly the ones about accidentely napalming team-mates :stuck_out_tongue:


No, they are too funny to be cut out.

I love every single line that caira has and i love Q Caira. Please don’t do it.


I was half way through typing why I disagree, and then got the point where I was about to type “Immersion”, but then I giggled and stopped.


Maybe you both misunderstood? I meant that when you are playing Q caira it makes no sense for her to talk about bringing “speed and fire” to the battle. Keep those lines for regular caira but cut them from Q cairas lines. :slight_smile:


I understood what you meant, but I am saying that I love those lines. But I only play Q Caira and Lazarus when I play medic, so if they were cut from Q Caira I would be very sad :frowning: because i would never get to hear them.

I wouldn’t even get to hear them when I am not medic because barely anybody plays Caira.


Caira is my favorite medic!