Quantum Caira kind of sucks


23 healing a second with a little stacking? I get better results from an EMET bouy’s passive. Let alone the ignorant team mates that dont know how to stay in the small field.


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Q-Caira is quite OP. What are you trying to say? This character requires coordination with the team. Are you talking through mic with your team, telling them to stay in the field and are you stacking fields?


Thats the thing with q caira.
With randoms she is cardboard tier but with a team that both knows what they’re doing and communicates, you get one of the best medics in the game.


Whilst I don’t know how to use her properly, nor play alongside her, I’ve fought against some very good teams with a QCaira. Her and Hank make a very tanky couple. So I wouldn’t say she sucks.


Its 28 healing a tick.


The healing fields should honestly just combine into one larger and more powerful field instead of having to stand in a small overlapped area to get the most out of it. It’s a real pain when you’re fighting or getting knocked around.


But each field has a lifespan. You would like to see the fields getting bigger and smaller that frequent?


Keep firing healing fields to keep the size and power of it then, you already have this issue in her current state anyway.


Well i think it would look weird. They probably thought about this. Maybe tweak the ability to prolong continuity?


Either your team mates are bad or you don’t know how to use her. Consistent 84 HPS while kiting with no LoS required, 50% DR which can neuter hard hitting abilities and then the Regen Field add up to very, very good healing if you and your team are smart. She’s probably one of the better Medics, honestly.

Issue is, she requires intelligence from all hunters to use. Hence why so many people find her UP.


I really doubt you can ever achieve this number against anyone other than a kraken.

Doubt it.

You need at least as much line of sight as Caira…


You can put fields around obstacles for people to pillarkite around- she has fields of healing, so that’s immediately less line of sight required than Caira…

Clearly you’ve never actually seen a premade use her?

She can constantly maintain three fields around good spots to move and kite in, and keeping up three fields isn’t hard with Reload perks.


A: Isn’t their radius identical? Caira should be able to heal you through that same obstacle/pillar. B. If you are placing them near obstacles you are reducing the total area that the healing field can heal you in, potentially making it easier for the monster to knock you out of that area.

Maintaining three fields isn’t an issue, nor is maintaining them in a decent area. However the monster can knock you out of that area, and prevent you from being in that area. Caira has more healing when she lands her grenades, which are more consistent because they don’t require you to be in the area the entire time.

84 health per second assumes that you are in the fields 100% of the time. I think it is FAAAAAAAR more likely for you to achieve somewhere in between 75 and 90% uptime in that regard. However, if you can keep in those fields for 100% of the time and not have it inhibit your ability to dodge, then Quira would be performing acceptably as a medic when you also factor in her 50% damage reduction.

EDIT: I don’t know if I would necessarily have a different opinion if I had, but probably yes. Its difficult ATM for me to find people to play with, although maybe I have faced a premade group with her in in it in the public que, who knows really.


Give me a second and I’ll post a video of a scrim game with Horse Toast using her against their monster, a top-tier Goliath player. She’s almost broken in the right hands.

Edit: welp, not going to post that video. Just rewatched it and it was nowhere near what I remembered. They were playing terribly lol

That aside, though, I have seen Q-Caira pull off some major bullshit. If you use her DR and HB liberally, get people to roach when focused and keep the healing fields on them, she’s insane.