Quality Hunter Video Showcase


Since many of us are looking to improve our hunter game before Evolve comes out, I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where we post exceptional examples of hunter play.

If you have a video showing someone doing a great job as Trapper, Assault, Support or Medic, toss it here so we can all learn by example.


I guess I will shamelessly plug my channels. My Medic and Trapper videos are arguably my better ones imo. That being said, my early Laz games were a bit annoying to watch after the fact as I didn’t clue in on a few things and played him too much like Val. Got much better as I moved along.

Edit: @SnugglesTheConqueror - I guess it would help if I posted the URL just in case :stuck_out_tongue: https://www.youtube.com/user/MaddCowQQ/playlists


As you should, I’ve enjoyed your videos. Watching people learn to play is fun and informative.


It’s funny looking back on something as only 3 days earlier and go “What was I thinking?” :stuck_out_tongue: I like seeing how I evolved over the course of the Big Alpha. If I can get in some solid groups that keep wanting to play against me, I think I can relax and try more off the cuff strats.


Just gonna put this here…


I’m hoping that the new in-game tutorial videos are included in the Beta. Can’t wait to see what they changed. We only saw a few glimpses of them in the live streams.


Just as long as they keep the sexy voice.


I’m sure they will :slight_smile: It just looks like new/different footage. Mostly because I think some of the older ‘first time’ tutorial videos were from older builds and a few things have changed since then.