Quadrapedal monster(s)?


Anyone else think it’d be cool to have a monster that’s quadrapedal? Reptilian or wolf-like? I dunno, but I think the idea alone of controlling a monster that has four legs would be awesome. Imagine the agility. Thoughts?


For some reason the moment I thought of a quadrapedal monster, my mind went to ‘Cow, but from hell.’

Honestly, I personally think that Behemoth is about the closest we’re going to get to quadrapedal (it kinda knucklewalks after all) since part of what makes the monsters so unnerving is the fact that there’s clearly something… Familiar about them. They’re still generally humanoid, all in all. It’s what makes them creepy and unsettling, whereas you don’t get that same feeling when looking at any of the wildlife.

I mean, personally I’d love to play as some sort of giant stealthy alien crocodile monster, but at the same time, I think we’ve got to stick with the humanoid aspect for the time being.


Behemoth is quadrepedal so is kraken


I think he means more like true-quadrapedal, such as dogs, horses, reptiles, etc. whereas Behemoth and Kraken have that kind of… Sort of primate-like quadrapedal. Their foreward limbs are still very similar to human arms, and they do stand up from time to time.


exept marsh striders Those lips look so human


…Ohshit, I’ve never actually seen one up close.


They also look like mini admiral akbars. Also, quadrupeds are not really do-able with their current system unless the upper and lower limbs are placed somewhat close together like they are with Kraken. Some kind of animation issues I believe.


true but i dont think we will get that. the devs said monsters are supposed to be relatable to humans. Also if theoretically the monsters originated from advance humans that evolve into a army like society or they were created and then made to evolve and be efficient on their own having quadrupedal breeds would be inefficient



While i am against quadruped monsters for the most part. why couldnt they animate it like a tyrantor other quadruped wildlife perhaps?


Good questions, I don’t know. shrug


: P idk maybe they will but i dont like the idea of how melee will work


A biting melee would be awesome!


“Daisy found th-”



It’s because tyrants and crowbills are stationary for the most part, and are placed in wide, flat, areas. Monsters move around the entire map.


There’s always the Host style animation


I could see Something like
Happening, more centauroid than pure quadraped. I think the designers are going with the pacific rim design philosophy, where you want your monsters to look like they could be people in a suit, because that makes the abilities and attcks more relatable and feel more satisfying

The host was kind of like this, but more gribbly


How would it melee?


We need a monster with fur.

I suggest a six-limbed wolf monster that has a feral ground sprint traversal ability.


“Quadrupedal”. It could work, it’s just a design thing, really