QoL Lobby Change for Monsters [Premades]


Could you perhaps show the Monster exactly who is in a premade. I don’t care how but there should be a way to know if I’m fighting four randoms or a full blown premade.

I say this because sometimes:

  • I’d rather fight a premade because they don’t get the solo buffs.

  • I’d rather fight solos because they aren’t as coordinated usually.

Seriously; with the solo buffs now there’s basically significantly less fun for Monster. You buffed Hunters when alone because some of them are incompetent and can’t act as a team meaning that when you do fight a team of entirely solos you are screwed because not only are they as coordinated as a premade but they now ALSO have a HP and movement speed buff.

At least give us a heads up for christ’s sake.

  • Show premades/solos to Monster
  • Don’t show premades/solos to Monster

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What does significantly less fun mean? No longer the super easy stomp?

  • Pub teams just take longer to kill.

  • Coordinated pub teams have insanely unnecessary buffs.

  • Unfair advantage over the Monster

  • Etcetera.

I could go on; the solo queue buffs are something that Monsters should be told before entering a game. Is this a pub, a premade; what.

Pub stomping is just as easy if it’s a legitimate pub, it just takes a gross amount of time since they have an unfair advantage.


Hmm. I’m all for solo players having a fair chance, but if that is what is happening, then it’s not really helping either side have fun.