QCaira deserve a different way to heal?


Am I the only one who thinks that Qcaira deserve a more reliable heal?

I mean, her HoT is way too problematic to land effectively at someone when the monster is focusing.
I’m not a ranked player, but i’ve some hours spent in this game (60) and whenever I or somebody pick her, the team have a hard time against the monster despiting his skill level.

Idk either if a high level team can manage her as good as another easy healers, it’s just my opinion.

My suggestion is: Whenever somebody pass through the blue healing field, it gets a HoT effect for 5 secs for example even when it leaves the field. Idk about the amount of heal, either if it’s less stackable heal or just 1 buff healing more per sec.

Just want to know if you guys share the same opinion x)~~



Or she could simply kiss her fellow Hunter on the cheek


I was thinking about having the HoT persist for a bit after leaving the zone as well. With a slight nerf to the numbers to offset this, it could be a nice change to Quaira.


I would argue that Quira has the most reliable healing of everyone :slight_smile:

The problem with Quira is that she is incredibly reliant on her player reading the game well or communicating well, and the rest of her team doing sensible things.

I see so many people run around behind pillars while on a Quira team, or spread out to all four corners and keep dashing back and forth. And equally I see Quira players that hit the barrier field when there isn’t really anything to block.

But on the other hand I’ve seen really good Quira’s, who are playing with a team that know what they are doing, and the idea that her healing is weak is just not the case. When she’s healing three stacks on someone, then throwing up a barrier just before your main damage dealing ability, and then coming in close with the extra healing field to add even more heals… it’s brutal, you can’t focus through that.


she need more nades!!!


People keep saying she needs good coordination, but i’d say it’s more akin too “you need teammates that don’t keep running away from you and your heals”

Anyway, while i don’t think she’s perfect, i find her healing to be pretty good when the team actually utilizes your bubbles and doesnt break LoS constantly. COupled with her DR-Aura she can be pretty good.

I do like the sound of that "heal persists shortly after leaving the bubble)-thing though.
Would make her more reliable in pubs


Yes, i cannot argue with your oppinion about her being a good healer if used correctly, nor the fact that she’s just useless with people who freaks out and run for their lives when focused, but the opportunities to do her job properly are just too narrow to consider her a good pick anyway.
And Ofc her healing numbers are not the problem too, but if she could be a little bit easier, like HoT when passing through the Healing Field for 3 - 5 secs would be awesome for high end players and the casual pub players as well, giving her more chance to become usefull for a more diverse level of players instead of being forgotten. She looks awesome and her voice ingame is just BeAuTiFul xD~~


“People play badly, so make the [hunter/hunters] completely foolproof”.

Given recent trends I think the devs will get right on that.


I’m not here trying to make a foolproof hunter Sir, but what’s the point of having a hunter so specific like her? Also i’m not here just saying “SHE’S USELESS BUFF/NERF”, I made a point and just want to know pple opinion about her, besides this kind of change would leave her the same way, just a little bit less specific.

Btw, am I feeling a monster player rage here due to the solo players buff? huum


Have teams figured out how to stack around QCaira?

She is a damage - / + game type now right?


Shes designed badly. In a game where Hunters need to dodge and kite to stay alive, she has to use around 5 sec to erect a 3 layer healing field and have people stay in it. if she spread out the fields the healing is to low. I played her in a premade with all sorts of comps. Played her with bucket which seems to be the strongest, played her with Torvald because mortars gets an easy target to aim at. Tried with cabot for extra survival for said cabot. And while it works sometimes , it doesnt work nearly enough to consider her a viable pick.
Another bad design is her abilities which are all really shortranged, that means she pretty much has to stay near the healing fields when someone other than her gets focused, and most of the time I end just looking down into the ground for an entire dome concentrating on keeping those fields up.

I would suggest removing the stackable fields and make every field almost as strong as 3 stacked fields. 3 stacked fields heal for 87 hp a tick. so maybe make a single field do 77 instead. This would make her much more diverse.


Well i think if they do that, her problem to heal moving targets would remain pretty much the same, you see just by passing through 70 heal would not be enough to give a decent sustain against a goliath focus? And even if you manage to put 3 field perfectly aligned to your teammate run through it, it’d be ± 210 heal and still is less than a healing burst from EMET, which is far easier to land :l~~.