QA Gameplay


Ok so it’s awesome seeing lots of gameplay around and I honestly enjoy almost all videos I’ve seen. The thing that kind of sucks though is either repeatedly hearing a youtube personality explaining what a Goliath is or watching them struggle to figure out how to climb or using aftershock wrong in some cases when it’s their first gameplay.

Alternatively, it’s really intense/cool watching the QA matches from e3 or whenever where the QA guys are facing off in what you can tell are public grudge matches which are then shoutcasted by DBsinclair and Jparty.

I just think in the long stretch between now and February it would be reaaally cool if TRS had like an in house (live or not) competitive QA match commentated just like if it were going over twitch live from some event. I know you guys are busy playtesting the maps, hunters, and monster we haven’t and can’t see yet but I only ask for 15 minutes of gameplay on dam, fusion, or distillery with the hunters and monsters we’ve seen once in a while. Seeing advanced tactics or brazenly going full aftershock at stage 1 is just very exciting to watch.



Personally I want to see @MacMan and @SlabOMeat play as Goliath and Kraken and stomp guys from their own studio while it is being shoutcasted :stuck_out_tongue:


Ii would be especially cool knowing what devs are playing what ahead of time to let the grudge really grow. It would be like watching a hyped up prizefight.


Yeah, just give us one gameplay from Studio! That would be so awesome to watch!


I would be all for this once the big alpha is done and the T3 characters are publicly revealed. I just hope that it won’t bring strange consequences ex. too much gameplay, quick assumptions, ect.