[Q] Online Account Progression & More


I have a few questions I have been itching to find out.

  1. What sort of incentive will Evolve offer to players when playing/leveling online?
    Stat boost?
  2. Will there be a hunter/monster level as well as an account level? (Outside the game)
  3. When the game starts do hunters know which monster they are facing??? :wink: (Really curious about this one)

I have already pre-ordered the game and simply cannot wait!
Thank you**


While we’d like to go into all the details of the above, we sadly haven’t announced anything public yet regarding progression, unlocks, incentives, etc. When we do, you will know. As a side note, I like where your thinking/questions are heading. :wink:


As for your third question I’m pretty sure the hunters will know which monster they are fighting right off the bat due to the tracks that the monsters leaves. :smiley:


Sounds good!


I hope the monster selection is kept a mystery personally. I’d like to go into the match and now know until you see the first set of tracks.


So do I, but the monster and hunters start at the same location. So I am assuming you will see tracks from the start.


Maybe the monster stealthed before moving?