- Win a Turtlebeach Headset with your best Evolve clip!


Win a headset by entering your best evolve clip (Shortened to under a minute or 2)

Good luck hunters!


I’m enter my clip tomorrow.


2 minute limitation ;-; I have a 16 minute long monster fight that had me on the edge of my seat with nerves. running around infinitely with less than a bar of health yet I still took the win! <3 Maybe I can do maybe a fastforward sort of feature =/


Sweet! I shall enter a clip :smiley:


Yeh or like the last couple of minutes


Not as fun, I spent about 14 minutes literally eating and running on less than a bar of health. Pulled a win out my bum with that game, I never evolved. Stage 1 whole game…


will this be judged by someone or will the most votes win?



How many clips can you submit?


I had the CLOSEST MATCH IN EVOLVE and the clip didn’t save!


Both sides were low health, I got dropped to one shot (not incapped), and as he lined up a rock throw for the finisher, I shot him in the face to get the win.


This game i killed Laz he magically came back so I almost died then I ran away and got killed by mammoth birds.


“18 or older to register an account” You have got to be kidding me, in less than 20 days I’m turning 18 but this stuff will probably continue to happen until then :expressionless:


Only 3 days left - so get those clips in. Users vote for the clips, so tell you freinds to vote


Once you start paying taxes being 18 isn’t so fantastic. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t even know what to post. 3 minutes…
Edit: Oh, it’s voting based… I don’t think I’ll bother to fight against celebs. :confused:


I would enter the one awesome clip that I have, but I don’t have a clan or group to game the votes in my favor, so I won’t.


Yeh. I think it runs every two weeks though. So you could always join this one before it ends or the next one.


Entered my clip!!! check it out guys!

Votes would be appreciated!

“360 No Scope Invisible Abduction”


Mate your clip doesnt appear, unless you have a different name. 4 more days to get it up though