Put your friends in a scenario (Forum time with Max)


You decide to stand still and see what the man has to say. He stops his run and stands right in front of you and asks “Give me my phone back! I don’t know how did you get it, but I want it right now!”.
The man doesn’t seem very convincing for you and you wonder if it’s really his phone or if he is just trying to invent something to steal it. What do you do?

A: Give him the phone
B: Ask him to use his finger on the scan while you hold the phone
C: Deny and escape
D: Ask for responses before doing anything


B again? I guess.


After the man asked you to give him the phone, you couldn’t guess if it was his phone or not. So you decided to ask him to put his finger on the menu button to see if it matches. Before he even put his finger, he yells “AND YOU FUCKING BROKE IT!? Do you know how mu-” you interrupt him and say “I don’t care about that, all I want to know is if it’s your phone or if you’re trying to trap me. So put your finger on the button. If it matches, I give it to you, if it doesn’t, you get out. End of the story”.
He finally put his finger on the button with a deep sigh. After 2 attempts, it matches. You give him the phone and he, for some crazy reasons, call for the police.
What do you do?

A: Try to tackle him
B: Break his phone
C: Escape before the cops arrives
D: Rip off the phone of his hands and explain to the cops what happened


“I don’t see ‘Why not?’.”

“Great! I’ll pick you up around O-hundred,” he informs before leaving. You quirk an eyebrow because of the time, but you try to make it not seem like a big deal. You enter your apartment building and can already hear one of the neighbours having their fun before entering your apartment. “Sixteen-thirty-six, I have a decent amount of time, wonder what I can do with it,” you stated before pondering.
(Choose two)
Choice A: Set up your clothes to be ready for your next job.
Choice B: Get smashed.
Choice C: Sleep.
Choice D: Play some Overwatch.
Choice E: Do an early live stream of you drawing.


Jesus dude, o.O D I guess, running isnt gonna make it any better tbh



Smashing, meh
Ow? Salty
Ill strem


(You need to choose something else as well. Also, I meant getting pissed.)


Strem ow


(You’re damn right)

You rush to the mad man and before he could turn, you take off the phone of his hand and explain in every detail possible what happened while you try to push back the man. The cops arrived after 30 minutes (well gosh dang damn them) and asked you both to sit in the car. You arrive at the court and sit, the judge give you the speech and you explain what happened. He then moves on to the man still infuriated, and this one says “I’ve lost my phone in the bar and I searched everywhere. I searched in the whole bar and there was nothing…nothing but shit. I even searched in the buildings nearby and found nothing! And then I see this whore in the middle of the street, doing stuff with my phone. She stole my phone and broke it, you have to understand how mad I was when I saw her typing on my phone to search for MY stuff plus the fact that it’s now broken!” His language made you very uncomfortable.
The judge, after a few seconds of thoughts, claims “So, you told me that she stole your phone, but she said that it was on the ground and that it was already broken…she also gave it back to you. If she asked you to put your finger on the scanner, it’s because there is a reason and you didn’t understand it.” He then smash his hammer on the wood of the table "Mister, you can have your phone back. And you miss, you are free to go."
You get up and thanks the judge, you exit the court and head back to your home. You power up the television and discover on the news channel that a man made several vandalisms in the street and that he has been arrested. It was the man with the phone. He was probably mad because you didn’t go to jail. Your didn’t expect that man to be that crazy. But you didn’t care because he was an asshole.

The end

Welp…I guess that was quick for a story.


“I guess I can stream for a bit and possibly play Overwatch later.”

You started streaming for a bit, but you were only interested in doing a few sketches at most. The viewership was decent, and you obtained some money through it(Two hundred forty). You told chat goodbye and said you were going to play Overwatch if they would ever have an interest joining in.

You were unlucky with your matches today, having to be stuck with a few uncooperative teammates and some hackers, making you tilting you in the process leaving you pissed off for the rest of the day. Your friend has finally arrived, but you’re both tired and annoyed.
Choice A: Head off to work.
Choice B: Don’t go.
(This could be your only chance of getting this job.)


Whoever gets this reference first can start this:

You are in a poorly lit dungeon. Directly ahead of you is “Da Flask”.

A: Get Da Flask
B: Check Da Flask carefully for traps


That feeling when no one gets your reference