Put your friends in a scenario (Forum time with Max)


Hello everyone Max here :stuck_out_tongue:

So I was thinking what would a certain person react in a scenario you made? So I decided to make this a little game we can all play!

So the basic gist of this thread is that you will put someone in a scenario you made whether it be bad or good is up to you. You decide how it ends also.
Here is the layout
Choice A
Choice B
Choice C
Choice D
After they answer if they do you give them an ending.
Normal forum rules apply so there’s that
If they don’t want to do it don’t force them too I will make a list here of people who don’t participate. If you tag them I will be very upset in you!
Don’t always have a bad ending. Even if you spite the person (which you shouldn’t cause you’re doing it with them) don’t always have a bad ending. If you always have a bad ending I’ll be very upset with you and it also becomes predictable.
Try your best to be original. By original I mean try not to copy other forumers scenarios.
You can have up to any amount of choices above two you cannot have a one choice scenario
Have the funs!

List of people who don’t want to participate:

I’ll start us off.
@Shaners is in her office when she gets a text form some billionaire (Or something) he tells her she can make any game she wants with no restrictions. He tells her he has this special device that will replicate whatever she thinks of onto a screen and into a game. The only problem is that recently Shanners has had some, really weird thoughts. He then said she could also describe the game but anything she says stays permanatly and she can’t change it.
Choice A: Shanners will risk being embarrassed by her intrusive thoughts and make the game of her dreams
Choice B: Shanners will risk slipping up and saying something wrong thus ruining a game, or even making it better in some form



Really? You guys are serious? Lol okay.


Hmmmm I say ‘B’ because that’s more interesting – but my scariest thoughts are probably no worse than the ghost in the grudge or Party Hard hahaha. Basically I terrify myself when I’m in the dark and get scared easily. lol


Shaners chooses the other option and is asked to meet the man at his mansion. After making a solid game the forums pop into Shaners mind and for some reason she blurts out @Hillbilly_Deathlord suddenly the game twists and turns as it corrupts. Shaners goes home hoping the mistake wouldn’t ruin the game. The next morning there are tons of memes spawned off the game and it has sold millions of copies already. Shaners is now rich due to the popularity.
The end


The ended so quickly – but fantastically. hahaha

also, @Hillbilly_Deathlord. hahaha


Happy to know I could make someone rich in this theoretical scenario.

That’s enough altruism for one life. Now to dedicate my remaining existence to hedonistic decadence!



You are thrust into a stone dungeon with steel bars. You have a pin in your hair to keep your flowing locks from blinding you, a scroll in another language, a file, and a sack of 10 gold coins. You need to find a way to escape. Do you:

A.) Bribe a guard with the gold
B.) Pick the door lock with the pin
C.) Read the spell on the scroll
D.) File the window bars and crawl out


So this is basically kind of a choose your own adventure book. I used to read some goosebumps choose your own adventures when I was a kid, I always chose wrong! This is actually pretty neat. If I can come up with a scenario, I’ll be back,


Don’t think there’s anyone on here I know well enough to be able to make one of these good. I guess it’s a decent way to get to know them, but it’d make for a crap story.


Wait do you have to make it Max or can we do it ourself? I’d like to see someone do one for me.


You make it yourself it can be in anyone except if they are on the not playing list


I’d like to be put on a scenario (i tried creating one but i suck at it)


@Axilla You’re working behind the counter at the local pub and cleaning up a few spills from a few distasteful laddies. After being finished cleaning the puddles of alcohol, your boss arrives with a slight grin on their face. “April, you’re fired,” she exclaimed, joyously.
Choice A: Throw a drink towards her.
Choice B: Slap her.
Choice C: Question her reasons.
Choice D: Leave quietly.


Choice d?.
If she says im fired then im fired ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Choosing to go out quietly, you gathered your things and left. Your ex-boss wasn’t pleased with your reaction and gave a slight snarl. Upon exiting the pub, you called your friend to pick you up from work to head home. He honked his horn to grab your attention so the both of you can head off. “So, how’s work?” he asks.
Choice A: "Nothing special."
Choice B: "I got fired…"
Choice C: Remain silent.


Only now I relize how depressing this is


In a little village near the commercial center, you stumble on a phone left on the ground and lightly damaged, you want to use it to call a close friend of the owner or someone from his family. There is however a fingerprint scanner on it and a numbered code as a second option. But someone finds you and runs toward you with anger in his face.
What do you do?

A: Prepare yourself and punch the man
B: Wait and see what he really want
C: Run as fast as you can
D: Call the police with the urgent call

E: Pretend to be dead

F: Call for a helicopter with your own phone

G: Say the magic word

H: Make a selfi-wait WHAT?


“You know, the usual; group of kids want to get pissed, they become a nuisance, and security has to escort them away.”

“Really? There has to be something interesting this time. There’s no way that your pub can be that mundane, that happens like every day.” he exclaims with complete shock in his voice. You turned towards the window and muttered, “Yeah, it’s pretty boring there, I guess.”
“All right, look, how about this? You quit your job and come work at my place(He also works at a pub)? I’ll tell ya it’s a helluva lot more fun there, I guarantee it!” You remain quiet for the rest of the ride thinking about his offer. Upon reaching your apartment, he asks, "So, what do you say?"
Choice A: Take the offer.
Choice B: Refuse the offer.
Choice C: Remain silent.


Bcs why noot.


I guess B…